It was only a matter of time, and I finally got a good morning. I was able to get my meds, relax for a little bit, then prepared and ate breakfast. It was a good start.

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Time and direction.

Yesterday, I saw a list of Life Goals I saved on my phone a long while ago. It was a nostalgic moment, and reminded me that I did indeed have goals. They sort of jump-started me and I spent some time looking into study-abroad stuff online. Then I was jolted back to reality by the realization that I could not afford it, that they were catered to more privileged kids of the spectrum. It was going to make me sad again, but I let it go. It wasn’t news that there are plenty of things I want to do that I can’t. Not poor and unemployed and sick, anyway. But I was laughing and playing video games that day, and I considered it a win. I hadn’t done that in a while. Continue reading “Time and direction.”

Spiral down.

There was once a girl who had a general idea of what she wanted to do in life. It was one of those dreams that were so unlikely, it was the stuff of legends. Not necessarily, I’m sure plenty of people have achieved dreams they thought would just remain dreams. Anyway. She knew what she needed to do to get there, she needed to work hard and work even harder. Despite having been baptized Catholic, she was never one to just let prayers do the job for her. So she studied as much as she could, despite hating it. Now, she knew things hardly ever ended the way you thought it would. So the odds of her getting anywhere near her dream weren’t very good. But this girl knew who she was, she knew before kids her age even figured out that it’s what gets you through life, knowing yourself. That’s why she was aware of the steps she had to take and how hard they would be to get to. Continue reading “Spiral down.”

Hello, internet.

Hello, internet.

I say that like I’ve never used the internet before, lol. Don’t worry, I have. In fact, feel free to use the social media icons on the header, where I’ve conveniently linked my accounts. This is not phishing, btw. You totally don’t have to follow me. I just like having them there.

So it is the tail-end of Friday right now. Seems fitting since I said I would aim to post on such times. This week has been moody and interesting. I got to eat out most dinners, but all unplanned. We don’t usually go out for dinner. We’re not rich, I promise. It was a bit moody because I ran out of my meds (I should insert “for health reasons” but why else would you need meds?) and my bleeds are coming up. Bad, bad combination. Not to worry, I got them back yesterday and I feel much better. I also added coffee to my my milk chocolate recipe (it’s nothing special, but I love it), and it is so much better. Not really revolutionary, but still a good discovery.

I’ve spent the latter half of today looking up how to start a blog, like a millennial hahaha. But I got a few good ideas, and here I am. I’m making it up as I go along, as I usually do, but I’m liking the feeling of typing. I always have. But I haven’t been doing it for leisure for a while.

I think it would be good to stop here. I can’t give out all the good stuff right away, I’ll run out of things to write too soon. Don’t worry. I know how to pace myself.