Hello, internet.

Hello, internet.

I say that like I’ve never used the internet before, lol. Don’t worry, I have. In fact, feel free to use the social media icons on the header, where I’ve conveniently linked my accounts. This is not phishing, btw. You totally don’t have to follow me. I just like having them there.

So it is the tail-end of Friday right now. Seems fitting since I said I would aim to post on such times. This week has been moody and interesting. I got to eat out most dinners, but all unplanned. We don’t usually go out for dinner. We’re not rich, I promise. It was a bit moody because I ran out of my meds (I should insert “for health reasons” but why else would you need meds?) and my bleeds are coming up. Bad, bad combination. Not to worry, I got them back yesterday and I feel much better. I also added coffee to my my milk chocolate recipe (it’s nothing special, but I love it), and it is so much better. Not really revolutionary, but still a good discovery.

I’ve spent the latter half of today looking up how to start a blog, like a millennial hahaha. But I got a few good ideas, and here I am. I’m making it up as I go along, as I usually do, but I’m liking the feeling of typing. I always have. But I haven’t been doing it for leisure for a while.

I think it would be good to stop here. I can’t give out all the good stuff right away, I’ll run out of things to write too soon. Don’t worry. I know how to pace myself.


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