Mass musings.

Talk about hiatus. Sorry for disappearing for a bit there, it was a busy few days. Holidays and all that, visiting relatives, eating, sleeping, shopping, among others, so I haven’t had time to sit down and write for the blog. I tried writing on my phone, but I kinda lost track somewhere in the middle.But I do have something I want to write about and it’s a tiny bit controversial, but I’m ready. If you’re a very religious, namely Catholic or Christian, I do not mean to offend, but I will probably be a bit harsh. You were warned.

So for New Year’s Eve, I went to mass with my brother, cousin, cousin, cousin, aunt, and grandmother. I don’t regularly go to mass, and normally find a way not to go to New Year’s Eve mass. But this year I went, just for *bleep* sake. I did have a lot to be thankful for. I get very critical during mass, though…? Critical as in I just listen to whatever the reading is, and what the homily is, and try to temper my cringes and laughter. To be fair, it was my cousins’ church, it wasn’t the one I usually go to, people were more religious and traditional, but the opening songs were like ten minutes long! That was plenty of time for a lot of observations, namely:

  1. Who even came up with these songs?
  2. There are more women in the choir, but definitely all the guys should be in the middle. That’s not sexist at all.
  3. How *bleep* vain could God be that he’d listen to even one church song, repeated throughout at least two days, technically? That might be accurate for Old Testament God, but aren’t we following New Testament God?
  4. Speaking of which, why would there be a distinction between the two? Wouldn’t he, as God, be constant and perfect, therefore unchanging? Fishy, if you ask me.
  5. And why stop at the New Testament? Isn’t God still speaking to people nowadays? Would ask more, but then I might not stop.
  6. Goodness, they’re still singing.

Since these thoughts came to me… like, three nights ago? you’ll forgive that I don’t remember all of them. But that’s usually what runs through my head in mass. I actually like that it makes me think critically, but it irritates me to bits that it really doesn’t take a Bachelor’s degree to think about them. Anybody with enough brainpower should be able to figure them out.

In the midst of the homily, the father mentions at least three things that I ought to have written down so I can comment on them, but all I can remember is his Janus sermon. And then it just rang in my head that how can he even talk about Janus, who is a Greek god. Titan? Whatever, I can’t be bothered to search about it, the point is a Catholic priest is referencing Greek “mythology” in his sermon which is just a tad hypocritical in my eyes. It might not be, but it just bothered me at the time and it still does.

I mean, isn’t it ironic that he’s referencing a god whom people had revered at the time, all the while probably acknowledging that this god is “myth”? But he is (insert another word for dumb/gullible here) that he basically is representing a religion, i.e. is a prime example for atheists and agnostics that religion is practically bogus? I should probably expand more on this, but I’m afraid I’d just go on and on, and I’m trying to work on a path here.

Another thing, much milder, about his sermon was that it just had no direction, and as a self-proclaimed writer/editor, it just irritated my brain, the way you might look at ants on your favorite sweets. You’d think that a person that does so for a living, giving sermons, would have had enough practice or something, but what do I know?

Of course, after the sermon were more songs, repeated by a big number of congregations in the world within a span of, technically, at least, two days. Uuuuugh.

What else was observed… Oh, I think it might be significant to mention, but I’m not actually a confirmed Catholic. I was baptized when I was a baby, as most Filipinos are, I guess, but I haven’t gone through Confirmation. Neither has my brother. I don’t think my parents remember having to do it, and I can’t be thankful enough that they’re my parents. That being said, I like having the freedom to decide whether or not I’ll follow this religion and I think I’ll take my time thinking about it. During mass, my 7-year-old cousin (adopted by my pretty religious aunt) was just running up and down the aisle, not even paying attention to it. That being said, my aunt’s not really the best disciplinarian, but there you go. A perfect metaphor for a religion whose God spouts free will, and yet whose members baptize their children before they even know what they’re getting into. Just uuuuuggh.

I can go on and on about this, by the way. I’ve had some 20 years experience of it, and it’s not even the full experience. And I probably should have mentioned before the cut, I went to Catholic school from kindergarten to college. I’ve read and heard enough of the Bible to know, I’ve met and have been exposed to enough religious people to vomit my guts out, and attended enough masses (though not as much as I should have) to know what goes on. I also do live in the most Catholic country apart from the Vatican, so that should give me enough authority to speak on behalf of, I dunno, myself.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to do so. But this is as much as I can say about it without fully slandering the Catholic church.

And to wrap it all up, I don’t think there was much of a point to this post as I originally thought there might be. But I’ve written like 900 words already and I don’t really wanna take it all back. Just swallow it, and stay tuned. Thanks!


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