Ahh Sunday.

It was a very good morning. I had set my phone on vibrate the night before, so that my alarm is more persistent, and it worked. Let’s hope I keep to the habit. So I take my meds, all three, get the cat out of the poop ridden cage which I had dad take care of, get mom to watch the cat so I can make my coffee-choco, turn on Lappy, heat my spicy wanton from dinner, and then proceed to eat breakfast. All to remember that we had to go to mass at 9 am. Ah mass.

Before you continue, fair warning if you haven’t figured it out yet: I have no filter so this contains some family drama. I promise I have a point this time, though lol. Proceed with caution.

Devout Catholics that we are, we hung outside, and I made fancy hand moves at mom’s face cos she was sweating too much. Quality stuff, right? Anyway, the plan was for my brother to get a haircut, and to watch Assassin’s Creed. Great day, right? Wrong. My aunt called, asking about our plans for the day. It was no problem, Sunday is family day. We’ll hang out, eat lunch, and watch a movie. So we swung back around the house so we can go to the mall afterwards. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Wrong again. It takes maybe three times for us to tell each other to get going before me, my brother, and my dad go outside to wait for them (them being my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. My grandmother had a meeting to get to at 2 pm or something I couldn’t care less about). Taking a bit longer than usual, we ask my mom what the matter was. My selfish af grandmother giving out the waterworks.

A few beats later, my dad and my brother go ahead to get haircuts, mom was trying to convince me to go to a later showing, but you know how it’ll be hotter later, and I’m already dressed, and I won’t feel like leaving later (more her than me), and also IT WAS THE MOTHERFUCKING PLAN. And I dunno if I’ve previously stated it here in the blog before, but I fucking hate it when the plan is not followed. Not really cos of any serious reason, just cos this is what happens all the fucking time and I just do not stand for it. Not willingly and not silently.

A few more beats later and my mom changes her mind, we follow my dad and my brother to just watch the movie as planned, but sans my aunt and my cousin who are trying to pacify the semi-hysterical grandmother. Mom, of course, has to vent so I gladly listen. Longer story than it should be short, she was crying for no reason.

The movie was great, mom slept through it, my dad and my brother got their haircuts, mom and I went to buy food cos we do nothing else (except watch movies haha), and we all went home. My aunt and my cousin were hanging out, my aunt gently venting about my grandmother’s episode. So we put in movies to watch with her and keep her company. Honestly, she deserves to relax cos she deals with a lot of stress all the damn time, but is still the kindest, most generous, most patient person ever. I literally graduated because of her.

Later on, grandmother gets back from her meeting, all chipper as if she didn’t disrupt everyone’s day. She does this, 9 3/4 out of 10 times all the time, so she’s a  fucking pro. Basically deserves an Oscar. As per usual, I muster up just enough self-respect to greet her, and all of us just keep moving forward. She tries to redeem herself from her teleserye earlier, but of course we don’t buy it. My aunt, who she selfishly kept from her day off, is the one who tolerates her the most, so I don’t blame her for being a bit detached from the scene. My grandmother can’t stand us and our house (which she refuses to give over so that we can fucking renovate), so she’s lightly telling my aunt to get a move on so they can go home. Poor aunt. Lots of love.

Mom and I continue the movie marathons, as fairly documented on my Facebook profile. We play with the dogs, eat our snacks, then eat dinner (it was not ruined due to prior snacks. We eat all the time, too much) with a movie. And with 15 minutes to spare before having to publish this (#master procrastinator) I shall declare my point:

This day started out great, which is rare and few in between, got a little sidetracked in the afternoon, which I thought was the end of it and was very ready to vent on this post about it, but was redeemed slowly but surely. Granted, I wasn’t ready to redeem it, but mom was determined to be positive and for that I am grateful. Most of the time, I’m quite happy to be sullen and sulky, but my mom, who is the one to convince us to go to mass (barely) every week, is a master at owning her life. She goes through stress and assholes all the time, but she remains steadfast and determined. I am ever impressed. I don’t know where she gets it, but I sure as hell need all the help I can get.

Own your lives, everyone. Nobody else will do it for you, and they sure as hell don’t deserve to. Happy Sunday.


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