I thought it was Thursday already.

Hella tired right now, but I need to be consistent. Good habits for the win!

This morning I was ready to start the day knowing I had a blog post due tonight. But lo and behold, an hour into starting my writing session, my friend… I forgot if we’d come up with his alias yet. My friend…”Sylvester” just had to ask me to go hunting art supplies with him. Of course I would say yes, because I am starved for human company and exposure to adult society. Or a semblance of it, at least.

Naturally, I got to the meeting place before he did. I took my time walking, browsing through books and stationery, and I even found a gift for one of my friends whose birthday is coming up. Accomplished af, but also broke. I used to be able to go to the mall every other day, while I was still at school, to meet my mom before going home. I spent a long while wandering around, even when my feet and legs were tired. After at least a year, this was probably one of the longest amount of time I was in a mall.

Please note that I’ve been sick for at least three months, barely able to breathe just sitting down. But today I was recovered enough to walk a pretty long distance and commute on two modes of transportation which were both pretty crowded. So when I say “accomplishment”, I really do mean it. Same for the “broke” part.

One of the places Sylvester and I went to was this compound-turned-hipster-shops. It was different from anything I’ve seen in the last few months, both self-sufficient and indulging. Odd, but the good kind. The shops weren’t the kind that were out to make a sale, but they were there almost as a decorative statement. That we can exist with these appreciative things, not having to be consumed by greed or capitalism. I mean, this was Metro Manila, everything is fast-paced and significant. Where do antique shops and indie stores fit in? In Cubao, apparently. It was definitely worth the long walk it took with my tired legs and feet and breathless lungs, only to find that the shop Sylvester was looking for was no longer there.

In the struggle to get back to the main mall, I convinced Sylvester to have coffee. I needed to rest my legs and feet before I even attempted to go home. Also, I needed to relieve my bladder (one other thing we don’t talk about often: GIRLS GO TO THE BATHROOM TOO. But that’s a topic for another day). I asked earlier in the day if today was Thursday, but Sylvester corrected me, saying it was Wednesday. I felt like the week was going by too slowly. This was me, unemployed and lazing around the house, saying this. What more for busy breadwinners and suffering students? I’ve been both and I can imagine the horror.

So we found a Starbucks that was still crowded but we could actually sit down. It was a long line, but Sylvester took pity on me and bought the coffee. For a coffee shop that’s supposed to have a cozy atmosphere, it was quite noisy. It usually is, but I still expect a certain amount of… I don’t know… shame, maybe? I just don’t like noisy places, I guess. Unnecessarily noisy places. This was a fancy ass mall, with fancy ass people. You’d think they would know how to talk with their inside voices. It took Sylvester a while to come back cos the line was long. When he returned, we rested with companionable silence with basically havoc around us. That’s the great thing about introverts, we are happily wallflowers. Then I brought up how it wasn’t a big deal anymore if it was the middle of the work-week. People still flock malls. Is there nothing sacred?

Anywho, since people were so busy being noisy at coffee shops, we were able to catch a bus considerably fast. For that, I am grateful. As much as I am grateful for being earlier than Sylvester for the meetup and having time to myself, for having cheap but good Hainanese food for late lunch, for getting to Cubao faster by train than we would have by bus, for the Manchester United iron-on patch I found for my mom, the antique shops that hold what I consider the most valuable possessions humankind could have, and for the table Sylvester and I were able to find in the noisy Starbucks.

If only all Wednesdays could be as fulfilling. Here’s hoping.


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