Nocturnal Animals.

This is a day late post, but I do have a post in mind, so post I will. I would like to note that this week’s mornings have been fairly good, and almost all of them make me want to write all the time, the problem being I don’t know what will be relevant to write. But Friday was an interesting movie day, and I have a lot of things to say. Let’s hope I can say them well.

This will be a bit long as well, just to make up for my tardiness. Please note that this post may not be suitable for anyone younger than… (here I go again) 16? It also contains spoilers for the film Nocturnal Animals, so I do recommend seeing it before moving forward with this post. It’s very good.

This week, there was a free update for Sims 4 and I’ve just been playing it so much (still not as much as I used to, but still more often than I have recently). So naturally, when I turned on my laptop, my first instinct is to load up the game… which I did. In the back of my head, I’m reminding myself to write for the night’s post. I didn’t have anything in mind for it yet, especially since the day’s been quite monotonous anyway.

Later in the afternoon, dad and I got around to watching Nocturnal Animals, starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, screenplay written and directed by Tom Ford. I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited. To summarize, the story is told from the perspective of Susan, the protagonist. She is a fairly successful, very wealthy art curator. She is married and a mother. She is also lonely and unhappy. Early in the film, she receives a manuscript from her ex-husband, Edward, entitled  Nocturnal Animals, which was a name he’d previously called her. It is a violent and tragic, well-written book, which impresses Susan. She’d broken up with him because she didn’t believe they were a good fit with each other, he was romantic and she was a realist. He also didn’t particularly appreciate when she criticized his book, and she was afraid that her mother was right about him being not enough for her.

In the book, Tony, his wife Laura, and their daughter India, were off to a town that I care not the details for. India wanted to drive through the night so they could get to their destination faster. They seem to be driving in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Soon India loses reception on her phone. Tony drives on as Laura and India fall asleep. Further down the road, Tony sees these two cars going head to head with each other. He catches up to them, Laura and India wake up, Tony honks his horn. The car on the left overtakes and lets Tony pass. India turns around and flips them the bird (first sign of stupidity). Laura tells her not to do that. Tony asks what she did. Laura says, “she gave them the finger.” The car that let them pass accelerates and catches up to them, three men just staring at Tony and his family. Tony tells India not to look at them, but of course she spares them glances, asking, “why are they smiling like that?” As if she’s never seen assholes in her life. Tony drives faster and leaves them behind. The car catches up to them again, but now the occupants are telling them to pull over. But there’s no reason to, and who fucking would? The car starts to swerve to Tony’s car and soon drives them to the side of the road.

The car’s driver, Roy (but we don’t know this yet), and his two other companions, gets out and approaches Tony. Laura comforts India and says everything is fine. In the back of my mind, all I can think about is how fucking dumb your daughter is, but yes, everything is fine. Roy gets on this strange litany about how if there’s an accident that you’re supposed to stop your vehicle, and asks Tony if he knows so. Tony affirms this, but then again there was no accident. Roy declares that Tony had almost killed Roy and his friends by driving them off the road, which is crazy (just like these men). Tony contests this idea but then they just ignore this, saying that Tony has a flat tire. Tony himself can’t check without lowering his window further or opening his door, and replies, “yeah because you pushed us off the road”, and his dumb ass daughter butts in, “you’re lying!” Roy and his friends of course does not take this lightly. Tony defends her by saying she’s a child and that she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Roy makes a show of this, “drive! nobody’s stopping you!” But Tony doesn’t get very far because of his flat tire.

As a show of character, Roy offers to change Tony’s car tire for them. This means that Tony has to get out of the car and grab his spare tire, and Laura and India to not make the vehicle heavier for the jack, naturally. As his pals fix Tony’s tire, Roy takes Tony aside and intimidates him further, asking how they’ll settle the accident. Tony asks how far the next police station is, and they’ll take it from there. Roy gives him a town name, and just then a police car speeds down the road. Tony, Laura, and India clamor to flag it down, but it just passes through as if there was nobody else in the middle of nowhere. Crazy person that Roy is, he tries to convince Tony to drive his car, and Roy will drive Tony’s car but with Laura and India with him. Of course that doesn’t go well, Tony reacts violently, and so do Laura and India, and Roy and his pals start harassing them, and rubbing their genitals against them, like civilized people. Laura and India somehow kick them off and go back in their car. Smartly enough, for a crazy person, Roy and his friend get in Tony’s car with them and drive off. India stares off at Tony, calling out to him as they speed down the road. Helplessly, Tony just stares back.

And to make this summary shorter, Lou, one of Roy’s affiliates, makes Tony drive Roy’s car, ideally to follow them to a police station. But of course that’s not where they’re going. Lou makes Tony drive down this dirt road to the middle of the middle of nowhere, and leaves him there. Tony clambers off to one of the rocks as he sees his car drive towards where Lou threw him off. Roy and Lou try to coax him out of hiding, but soon give up and leave. In the morning, we see Tony try hitchhiking down the road but of course he is ignored until he comes across this house in the middle of nowhere and thankfully they let him call the police.

When Tony and Bobby, the police detective, find Laura and India, they are dead bodies on a red couch in the desert near where Lou left Tony the night previous. Laura’s head had been bashed in, India had bee suffocated, and both had been raped.

And that, ladies and gents, is the topic which I’d like to discuss on this post. I know, it was a long prelude to it, but wasn’t it worth it? The film itself isn’t limited to the rape, in fact that’s probably the least of its matters. It was used, however, to move Edward’s book along, which plenty of films and TV series and books, and other mediums do. I would say I appreciate that it wasn’t used for shock value, because it wasn’t at all Roy’s perspective to tell, and it wasn’t a mystery what a car full of dudes swerving at the book’s protagonist’s car in the middle of nowhere had in mind for two fairly attractive redheads in Tony’s car.

There are several arguments and debates being made about rape nowadays. Having just watched The Girl on the Train a few days ago, it kind of hits the nail on the head when one days, “women are still underestimated presently.” We are, and anybody that says otherwise are ignorant morons. Just today, I’d seen, and shared for awareness, a video of a man on a bus, having sat down next to the girl who shared the video, hiding his exposed penis and masturbating while looking at her. The girl was playing the pretense of looking down and sleeping, but she’d caught him and started filming the video on her phone. That is what women have to go through on a day to day basis, and yet people in society have the audacity to say that women ask for it? The absurdity.

Granted, I have said that India was stupid, but flipping them the bird was not a call for rape. Nothing is a call for rape. Rape is literally a sexual assault on a non-consensual person. If you, in any way, call for it, it would not be rape.

I understand the concern, that rape is sometimes used as an excuse to punish a person, because the accuser might have a hidden agenda or is sick in the head, but that doesn’t disclaim all the countless others rapes that do occur. And at the end of the day, our law enforcement officers are only human, and are limited by the resources and the laws they do follow. I can curse the “he said-she said” line, but they would always require evidence. But what do we do about people that are proven guilty of rape?

This same week, there was news about a woman and her boyfriend having killed their daughter in the midst of a murder-rape fantasy. You mean to tell me that those people are meant to live out their lives in prison, meals and shelter being paid by the taxes of the people? Meanwhile their daughter is six feet under, if she wasn’t cremated. Where do we draw the line between prevention and rehabilitation? In the first place, how could those people be even considered innocent or deserving of a life when they completely disregarded one, their daughter no less.

By the end of the film, Bobby had killed Lou and Tony had killed Roy. Tony also dies due to a bludgeon to the head. So they all die. Religious folks have this line, “rich or poor, we all end up in the same place…” My uncle, a marine in the US, shared this picture the other day:

To which my other uncle, his eldest brother and a bit of a religious nut, replies: “Pong… Everyone is going to hell because of sin.. however for God so love the world that He gave his only Son for our sins.. that whoever believes in Him will be saved and will not go to Hell… if you believe in Christ and stay in Christ your life will slowly have a complete turn around… and start to be more cautious and do the right things instead.. its like….when you started to love Sarah your life have some adjustments that you will stop doing what Sarah wont like because you want Sarah to be a part of your life… Gay marriage sad to say is an abomination in God’s eyes as what the Bible says.. so it is as simple as if you love someone you will do everything to make that person happy because you are happy doing it…. if you love God deeply you will do everything that will make Him happy… in return He is the one who keeps us safe and blesses our lives back everyday of our life. I have come to know God and Christ more deeply and I am happy to obey what He says thru the Bible.

According to that, everyone is going to hell anyway. And then heaven. So what… what are we even doing? What does it all matter? Why bother doing anything good or bad? We’re all going to burn.

PS: My latter uncle is a moron, too, by the way. We don’t go to hell, we go to purgatory. And he doesn’t address any of the other matters mentioned in the picture, which means he is also a hypocrite. Especially since I was born just 11 days before their daughter who was conceived out of wedlock, just as I am, meaning they had pre-marital sex. My goodness, how can I survive this life?


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