I am so close to playing Sims instead of writing this, you have no idea. Okay.

This post is meant to be a two parter, because I missed Sunday night’s blog. But fuck it. It’s my blog, it can be shitty if I want it to be. Peace.

Today was a good day, albeit a confusing morning. I woke up ahead of my alarm cos of this weird dream I was having. I was somewhat in control of it in a way that I was trying to escape this stupid giant that lived in this big ass house but was confined underwater in a pool…? I was normal sized with wings… it was weird. And I kept thinking, “this is stupid, I have wings. The ceiling is glass. I can break this with all the fucking rocks in this place.” But then my brain got too fast for my body, and by the time my alarm went off at 6 am, I woke up. I tried going back to sleep, the bed was so fluffy, the temperature was nice and cozy, and I almost succeeded… were it not for my bladder. Please understand that our bathroom is literally in the other side of the house, downstairs. So I usually can’t go back to sleep after peeing. This was a very bad dilemma when my bed was still a bunk bed. So pee is just the bane of my existence. Let alone poop in the middle of the night and your stomach is trying to kill you.

We are off to a terrific start.

But I was good, I took my meds (which I just ran out of two of three of them…), prepared my tea, and fixed myself breakfast. Afterwards, I could feel myself getting drowsy from the meds so I thought a nap was in order. I brought Arya up with me so she got some exercie playing around my mess of a bedroom. When I got under the covers, it was still chilly and comfy so I thought it wouldn’t be so hard to fall asleep. But I’ve never found it easy to get to sleep due to meds, no matter how sleepy I am. So I got up, grabbed my charger, and plugged up my dying phone.

I spent a bit of a while swiping on my phone, as one does, until I came across this one vlog of a YouTuber moving into her dorm in a design school. Her mom helped her move in, she went around town buying succulents, and went about decorating her half of the room. And I just looked around my room, seeing how fucking messy shit was. For a moment, I forgot my argument that the reason I can never finish cleaning it is because I have nowhere to put my stuff. It’s not as if I have an excess of stuff, I just don’t have enough storage for the stuff I do have. So they’re just laying around on every surface available in the room.

Still, I got to cleaning up the stuff on the floor that really didn’t need to be there, and sorting through presents from my 18th birthday. Which was almost three years ago. Yep.

Anyway, I didn’t make much progress with my room, but I do feel particularly productive, especially considering it’s Monday. Granted, I didn’t get around to doing things I said I’d get around to today (I’d bought a bigger sketchbook and new pencils, I’d enrolled myself to an online Digital Photography class before the weekend, and I was planning on sending resumes to this company hiring till the start of February), but I did find the pencil case I was looking for and the camera I needed. I was able to have lunch just in time, and finish sorting out the clutter I’d dug up in my efforts. I was able to clean the little number of jewelry I have, I found a bag of tank tops that I’d forgotten I received however long ago, and taken out the garbage I’ve accumulated in the last few months. All in all, a very good Monday.

My room gets very, very hot in the afternoon, because it’s a tropical country, my corner of the house faces west, and my room is 1/2 windows, so it’s basically an oven. However, it was good weather for naps today, and I was able to rest after my morning.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is just as productive as today.

PS: I will work on not missing posting days, I promise. Thank you!


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