A panegyric occasion.

All the motivation to write, and yet I can’t get my shit together. Let’s see if this will be an epic shitpost or just an epic post. I’d cross my fingers, but I need to type 😛

Lemme get the personal out of the way, and then we’ll get to the nitty gritty. This weekend was spent pretty productively, and Saturday morning, I woke up from the nicest sleep I’ve had recently. I had a recurring dream which usually starred my late grandfather, only this time he was in it differently. It was like a nice visit from him, and shortly I woke up crying softly. I thought the day was gonna turn out for the worse, but at breakfast, we actually had a nice family meal. And grandpa was mentioned in passing, and it was just a day to miss him. So yesterday, Sunday, we went to visit him. His plot was just tended to and there were flowers to mark him. It was very nice.


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Some mellow goodness.

I don’t think I’ve been in this much of a social media blackout since I got social media. Granted, I still check at least thrice a day, but I don’t hang out in the sites/apps cos it’s just so freaking toxic. And there’s plenty of shit happening in the world, but I’ve been in a weird funk lately, even my sleeping pattern in weirded out. So this post is a mellow one. I apologize in advance for the shitpost.


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A Force to be reckoned with.

I think I’m getting lazier and lazier. I’ve lost my routine completely, which is exactly the habit I want to break. And though I’d only started writing this a little more than thirty minutes till I need to publish it, I will write. I almost didn’t have a topic, too, but I was reminded of all that stuff that needed discussing. So here we go.


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Hijabs and Pussyhats.

Just like my previous post, there’s plenty of stuff to write about, and I’m not entirely sure which one to go with. Guess I ought to start with my Monday morning. That would make sense, right?

coverstory-swartz-themarch(by Abigail Gray Swartz, http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/cover-story-2017-02-06?intcid=mod-latest&mbid=social_tumblr)

It’s been gray and dreary for the last few days, but this morning, I got to wake up to a nice blue sky. I hadn’t set my alarms, too, so it was a smooth awakening. It’s been a good day so far. That said, last Saturday didn’t have a good morning, and I feel it’s necessary to talk about it, because, with me and my shitty memory, it’s so easy to forget the good stuff in bad moments, and the bad stuff in the good moments.

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Benevolence vs. Kindness.

Missed two post days, and really must squeeze this one out before Wednesday ends lol. The last few days have been very eventful, and tomorrow my cousin flies to the UK to work for three years, at least. I will miss her to bits and pieces, family gatherings will not be the same without her, especially 31st December and New Years.

Last Saturday, I convinced my parents to go out and watch Lego Batman Movie which was hilarious, Sunday we had breakfast out and spent a few minutes in the park, and in the afternoon to late evening, I hung out with Sylvester (which may or may not prevent me from going out again because strict ang parents ko), Monday morning was spent sleeping (which is neither good nor bad) and the night was spent out for aforementioned cousin’s farewell dinner. When we got home, my cousin was picking out stuff from Mom’s old London clothes, and Arya scratched my palm real deep with two claws. Yas.

(http://camillanarea.tumblr.com/post/146567286267/httpssociety6comproductadopt-dont-shop-7d5pr also for sale on Society6)

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A “normal” facade.

Been having the weirdest sleeping pattern/dreams lately. Last night I had two recurring dreams, which at the time were familiar, but ended abruptly. I kept trying to remember how they ended because they were dreams that I actually liked, in fact, one was so familiar that I thought I wrote it. When my brain got too fast for my body, I woke up and saw it was minutes before 4 am. Wtf.


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