We persist. We resist.

I can never predict what my brain wants for the day. I was looking forward to Wednesday, for le humpday post, but I was nauseous from morning till night. Fortunately, I’m better today. However, my sleep was less than nice because I dreamt that I was booking an uber that never arrived and had emptied a big ass matchbox but still couldn’t light a candle. Freaky af. Nevertheless, I persist. 😉


Something I’ve been doing the past few days is playing music when I hear my alarm. It helps me wake up, cheering me up too. And two of my three dogs have been knocking on my door early in the morning, keeping me company. Best mornings yet.

So if you haven’t noticed, I keep very strange habits, in a way that they’re not habits at all. I hate to chalk it up as ningas kugon which, and I quote, “refers to the Filipino cultural trait of very enthusiastically starting things, but then quickly losing enthusiasm soon after.” One can easily deny having this, but “habits” prove otherwise. It’s not as if I don’t try! It’s just…complicated. But enough excuses.

I turned on my laptop this morning in pursuit of watch Charmed again, which I started this…Tuesday, I believe, while I had my breakfast. And since I’m such a restless millennial, I also scrolled through Facebook for an update on the world. Ironically, it’s where I get my news. But if you follow the right pages, and know enough of your stuff, you’ll get the “right” news. So when I read about Sen. Elizabeth Warren being shushed, as we women do, by Sen. Mitch McConnell, I just had to talk about it. In fairness, I wanted to make up for missing my humpday post with this Thursday one anyway but with another topic. Now here I am, not following through with my own plans. The world should be ashamed.

I make an effort to share both good and bad things on my timeline, just to make social media worthwhile. Some might argue social media is for sharing your likes and dislikes, but that’s exactly what I do anyway. And by sharing these articles, news, and arguments about the world, it serves to educate people, too. With the effort that social media sites make to cater to each person’s interests, it is often difficult to see the other side’s perspective. So by sharing these articles, I can address my likes and dislikes, but also deliver my perspective on controversial topics that I find necessary seeing as some of my relatives actually support Donald Fucking Trump. Absolute strangers whose blood I don’t share, it might be a tiny bit acceptable, but people of my blood? I refuse to stay silent. I’m not even known to be very outspoken, even though both me and my mom are, just for the sake of avoiding conflict. But in social media, where I’m in the safety of my own home, and the medium for communication is writing, I can deliver my arguments well and good. So if any of those on the opposing side of the debate want to discuss these topics, I am here for open conversation.

It’s sad, too, because I’ve “debated” with two people (guys, I feel the need to point out) about politics and feminism. Both have belittled my arguments and refused to listen. I perfectly understand, because if such people can deliver such judgements as they did, they’re not really the sort to listen to others’ side of the story. Which is sad, because then their social media isn’t for conversation, but for judgement. And that is where social media falls short, not because of the technology, but for the close-mindedness of people who argue for the sake of argument, and judge for the sake of judgement, not for development and progress.

I don’t know if other feminists get tired of having to be feminists, maybe because as more than half of the entire world’s population, you would think it’s common sense to not be fucking disrespected, but I may be wrong. Every morning when I do look at the news, it just seems like the world is in such a hurry to tear itself apart. Anyone who still believes that man is ruler of this earth need only look at history and see that it doesn’t need a ruler, it needs a caregiver, and the two are far from mutually exclusive.

I realize that I’m just one random voice in the vast and immeasurable void, but as much as every voice matters, it doesn’t seem to count when oppressors are in power. Jeff Sessions was elected federal judge. The Dakota Access Pipeline is pushing through. Refugees are being shunned at the gates. President Bannon is inciting world war. Even science is being debunked and belittled. And as much as I know the world will be fine, it appears it will go to deep shit before it does. Must we go through this every 50 years?

I implore you. Learn from your mistakes, persist to make the world a better place.

PS: Kudos to those who’ve befriended me and actually kept up with the scintillating conversation! You might not read this, but I appreciate you nonetheless!

Republican Senators Vote to Formally Silence Elizabeth Warren
She persisted

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