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I have like three topics I can cover in this post, and I’m having a hard time choosing which… I choose the most important.

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So throughout this week, I saw various (clickbaity) articles about PewDiePie and anti-Semitism. For those who don’t know, PewDiePie is the most subscribed channel on YouTube and has had a special spotlight in media since 2013. Mostly due to the fact that he’s pretty rich because of it. And like many famous people, he has admirers and haters. I am an admirer. I forget how I actually got into watching his videos, but I found his humor crass but hilarious, and since he was famous for playing horror games I also had the privilege of getting scared but also being entertained because he was scared too. I think a lot of his followers liked him because of it. But somewhere down the line, PewDiePie or, as I call him, Poods changed the flow of his videos, because ya know… change is constant. And that was fine with me because nobody can play horror games forever. Nobody can make crass jokes all the time. And since Poods usually uploaded videos every day, his content would get repetitive if that’s all he did. It didn’t help that Poods, and he has mentioned this a few times, felt artificial in those old videos. Now his content is more grounded, still funny and awesome, but most importantly honest.

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate honesty. Pretty sure the Trump administration doesn’t know the meaning of the word, someone should probably educate them, but with all the litanies about how “news is fake”, you would think they would actually be covered by media with credibility. But every time I see a(n ignorant) relative’s activity on Facebook, liking or commenting on an article Pro-Trump, I have no idea who the media outlet is! And when you actually read the article, it’s all statistic, no source, all opinion, no fact. Where is the world coming to?

Meanwhile, credible media outlets, like CNN or BBC or New York Times, are delivering the actual news (not all the relevant news, but we’ll get to that) and they’re, I dunno, disregarded by Trump’s followers I guess. But enough about stupid Trump. This isn’t about him, this is about journalism.

I didn’t major in journalism, even though I was supposed to. We had an elective subject on it in high school, so I do know about the basics. I would like to ask if the line between fact and fiction is so fine that most journalists prefer to take context and make something close enough to the fact that it could still probably true but far enough that it’s just basically a lie? This is not in defense of Poods, although you can still fight me on that if you want to, but in pursuit of clarity. It isn’t fair to persecute an innocent person trying to live his life, but not, say, graft and corruption, world hunger, global warming, child brides, human trafficking, and a buttload of other stuff that really really really really need out attention. If they have the time and resources to watch all of PewDiePie’s videos enough to “deduce” that he’s a nazi (he really isn’t), they probably have the time and resources to cover all the relevant news in the world. So why don’t they?

Fortunately, social media is a significant contributor in exposing all the relevant issues that deserve our attention. It needs all the help it can get, however, because social media is wide af, and it’s tough to weed out those that actually deserve a damn. I’ll include some links below that you can peruse if you’d like, but it’s only a Google search away.

While we’re at it, one bad deed does not discredit another. My uncle, who is pro-Trump, just shared an article about NoDAPL protesters, so called environmentalists, leaving garbage in Standing Rock. I commented, asking if that makes it okay for overtake their land and put a stupid pipeline in it, and he replied “and left their trash?” I then responded that “deflection is not an answer” to which he said, “it’s okay to protest but they should somehow clean as they left the area.” How pro-Trump. I’m not saying leaving their trash is justified, in fact, that was hypocritical of them. But if they’re going to use that wrong deed to justify another wrong deed (that is, taking sacred land away from the people who’ve owned it before “Americans” immigrated there), they’re wrong. The moral of the story: clean up after yourselves, and don’t steal land for your archaic pipeline. The world is making far too many technological advances for them to still rely on crude oil. Maybe if they spent less time arresting students for making a clock, maybe they’d actually figure it out.

As always, this has been a mess of a post, but the point I want to make is this: more than half the world has more than 7 billion things you can direct your attention to. It’s not PewDiePie’s non-existent anti-Semitism, it’s not the garbage environmentalists left after protesting at Standing Rock. It’s an immeasurable amount of other things. Let’s look over there instead.

I might stay away from social media for the rest of the day because it really can get toxic after a while, and it’s been a busy morning of, according to others, clicktivism. I also had my first coffee-choco after a few weeks’ hiatus and I’m getting too hyped up. I don’t regret confronting stupid ideas because that’s one way of showing them how stupid they are. Note that this only works if you know for a fact that the people you’re talking to are usually rational and logical people that have been temporarily misled. If you’re talking to actually stupid people, that’s going to be like talking to a wall, and I wish you all the buckets of luck. Happy Friday.

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