For some reason, though I really must stop being sporadic and follow my writing schedule, I want to write today but have zero motivation to go through my topic list. So this is going to be a nice little shitpost about cynical thoughts. Shall we make that a segment?

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I’m alive! (I think…)

It’s almost that time of the month. The bleeds are coming. My senses are hyper aware, especially of the annoying, infuriating, frustrating, ridiculous, and atrocious things. And when I deigned to shower just to shake off the shitty feelings and the unacceptable heat (#globalwarmingisahoax / #climatechangeisntreal), my brain did its thing and made me think about all the crappy qualities of the world. I can hardly blame it for doing so, because thinking is literally its job, and the world is filled to the brim with crappy shit. So to keep it at bay, I thought I might write about all the things I can’t stand. But what’s new?

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Open-minded = humane?

So my gratitude for has no bounds. Probably most writers would marry their thesauruses (thesauri?) if they could, but that’s beside the point. If you look up synonyms for “open-minded”, on of them is “humane”, and that is both hilarious and sad.

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The little things.

I’m sure there’s a name for the pleasure of hearing the sound of someone typing on a keyboard, but I’m not that interested in looking it up. Just know that it’s what motivates me the most when I can’t think of anything to write. I just really wanna hear that sound. It cheers me tf up. But I’ll do you one better! Printing out the shit you do write on clean pieces of paper and organizing them neatly, either stapled or bound. Ahh. That’s the only thing I miss about paperwork in school. I should probably print out these blog posts so I can feel that pleasure again. But won’t that be an excessive waste?

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The 8th of March.

Living in the Philippines, we get to experience the day before everybody else. There’s a perfectly good scientific explanation for that which I haven’t the patience to thoroughly learn and write out, so let’s just define it as “time travel” (which also has a very extensive background, and the geek in me really wants to talk about it some more, but the sloth in me is stronger, so we’ll save that for a later post). So while the rest of the world is just starting, or waiting, for it, I’m already in 2017’s International Women’s Day.

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Just started listening to the Dear Hank & John podcast, which is sadly not on Spotify and therefore I have to tolerate Soundcloud. One of the questions was about Gandalf and Dumbledore, and John ended up asking Hank which of the two he’d prefer to be and why. Hank wasn’t so sure, but John was definitely a Dumbledore guy. One of the reasons why is because Gandalf smokes, and to quote John, “I find smoking to be a despicable, reprehensible habit and something that Dumbledore would never take up.” To which Hank replied, “Yeah, Dumbledore just eats candy a lot.”  John then drove his point home and said, “Exactly. Would you rather be a guy who can blow very fancy smoke rings or just a guy who enjoys candy?” But then later Hank pointed out, “You also have to look at where each of them is at the end of the story, and we won’t talk any more about that.”

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