The 8th of March.

Living in the Philippines, we get to experience the day before everybody else. There’s a perfectly good scientific explanation for that which I haven’t the patience to thoroughly learn and write out, so let’s just define it as “time travel” (which also has a very extensive background, and the geek in me really wants to talk about it some more, but the sloth in me is stronger, so we’ll save that for a later post). So while the rest of the world is just starting, or waiting, for it, I’m already in 2017’s International Women’s Day.

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Today just insisted on being frustrating, and frankly, I just don’t have the patience to deal with the shit anymore. Been holding it pretty well considering my just-on-the-verge-of-being-sickness and my laptop dying last week, I just do not care for things being ridiculously faulty all at the same time. Not when I just feel like throwing them all on the ground. It’s not going to fix it, but if I could afford to replace them like a filthy rich person, I would not hesitate. That being said, if I were filthy rich, I would not bother trying to fix it, I’ll just buy a better version. How excessively wasteful.

But it’s Women’s Day! So let’s apply today’s frustrations in a relevant context. Presently, society boasts of being more evolved, developed, and liberal. But with the internet and social media, people are more judgemental than ever. Of course, not all people are like that, and there is a significant amount of people that do work against them stupid people. However, that doesn’t excuse the ever-present ignorance and apathy. And damn, it is hard to shrug them off.

Of all the ridiculous things, I probably hate victim-blaming the most. They try to validate this through the “innocent until proven guilty” route which is even more ridiculous when the suspect is found guilty, but are let off easy. This happens far more often than not and is disheartening af. I don’t think they’re aware of just how women still don’t have basic human rights in many parts of the world, and yet they insist they have a say in the lives of unborn children. Oh, the hypocrisy.

And then there are those that claim men are oppressed, too. Much like white people are oppressed, I guess? Don’t they realize that the aggression they face is only a response, an effect? Without having instigated such oppressive behavior themselves, they wouldn’t be held responsible in the first place. Not to mention that insults such as “gay” “you’re such a pussy” “are you gonna cry?” and others are rooted from the belief ingrained in society that being homosexual, female, and sensitive as being weak. They aren’t being insulted for being men, they’re being insulted for being unlike the standard for men. A standard which they themselves conceived. Oh, the hypocrisy.

There are countless others that I could mention, e.g. mansplaining, meninism, catcalling, homophobia and transphobia, racism, the friendzone, etc etc etc, all very much rooted in the oppressive belief that they are and ought to be better than everybody else. That’s why it’s surprising to consider minorities as minorities when there’s only a small number of men, and cis white men, in the world’s population. Subtract the number of the men who actually have their eyes open and are good and kind, without expecting anything in return, and there’s even less of them. And yet they perpetuate this idea that women hate other women, that they deserve the creepy leers they receive any time they leave their homes because they chose to dress or not dress a certain way and not because men weren’t taught well enough not to stare seeing as it’s rude af among other things, that transpeople are the ones to take advantage of the “opposite” sex if they’re allowed in the other bathroom and not other sex offenders who do commit such acts and yet aren’t persecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that the root cause of terrorism is illegal immigrants and refugees and not extremists that can be found within their own borders who were not only born there but are Christian, white, and straight. Oh, the exhausting hypocrisy.

It’s difficult when one tries to stay away from the nonsense, wanting to avoid the stress and the anxiety and the depression that quickly follows, but I don’t want to be ignorant. Not while I know what I know. And as a person with the capability to choose better, I have the responsibility, too, to choose better. It is better to die having done something worthwhile, rather than die not having done anything at all.

So for 2017’s International Women’s Day, I implore you. Remain vigilant. Persist. Resist. Anything worth fighting for is always hard to get. Unless they say “no” outright, in which case, they really do mean “no”. Happy humpday.

The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.

– Mohadesa Najumi

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