The little things.

I’m sure there’s a name for the pleasure of hearing the sound of someone typing on a keyboard, but I’m not that interested in looking it up. Just know that it’s what motivates me the most when I can’t think of anything to write. I just really wanna hear that sound. It cheers me tf up. But I’ll do you one better! Printing out the shit you do write on clean pieces of paper and organizing them neatly, either stapled or bound. Ahh. That’s the only thing I miss about paperwork in school. I should probably print out these blog posts so I can feel that pleasure again. But won’t that be an excessive waste?

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So last Monday’s blog post, which was uploaded late so one might also consider it a Wednesday blog post, Eschatology, went down a path which I didn’t mean for it. I’d recently watched a video on the vlogbrothers channel, which I do every now and then. I like waiting for the videos to accumulate so I have more to watch at a time. Delayed gratification and all that. Anyway, one of the videos was by Hank, about doing bad things to make good things happen. I highly recommend watching it, especially considering… just everything in the world right now.

Sylvester and I often discuss how futile it is to make an effort for good things, simply because shitty things will happen anyway. For example, one morning he was running thirty minutes late, having supposed to have left for school already. And it’s Friday, it’s Metro Manila, it’s inevitable he’s gonna be late. But he wasn’t. In fact, he was even a few minutes early. Ironically, this is the opposite outcome. And isn’t it exactly the point?

In the video, Hank alludes to Machiavellian ideals and how, when he was younger, he was a firm believer of it. I would attempt to define it with my own words, but alas. I’ll just quote what Hank said in the video which is, “the idea is that good people have to be willing to do all the same stuff that bad people are willing to do in order to get a good outcome, because, otherwise the bad people are gonna do all their bad stuff and they’re gonna get their bad thing done.” So eloquently put. But yes. Personally, I never understood it, because logically, if the people are defined by their actions, in this case, good and bad, and good people do the bad things that bad people do, aren’t they all bad people? And then the line is just lost to me, and then I return to my own ideal which is the world isn’t as simple as good and bad, it’s more like fifty million shades of fucked up gray.

But Machiavelli meant this as a political statement, because after all, if a person is hesitant to get their hands dirty out of fear of being judged for it, they’re not really doing good for goodness’s sake, they’re doing it for their image’s sake. And my goodness, there is just far too many people that do it for their image’s sake, it’s disheartening. Let’s push that aside for now, however, and go back. So in today’s world where people are under the impression that building a wall is going to solve a problem, (i.e. the terrorist threat? lack of jobs? drugs? what is it even supposed to be now?) passing a death penalty law that only penalizes drug related crimes and not the other heinous crimes like murder, rape, treason, and plunder just for the sake of passing it, prioritizing everything else as an important issue as long as it’s not related to women being forced to be pregnant and give birth and be mothers, but not actually give a damn about the health care for living, breathing, capable, existing people (nevermind if they’re white, gay, trans, illegal, or refugees because health care is health care), or even just as simple as letting them use the bathroom with which they identify themselves, how does one maintain that sense of goodness, and not succumb to ignorance and apathy?

Since yesterday, I’ve been having little funks of depression. I just do not need it, but really when do I ever? And this morning, it was looming pretty badly in my brain. And every time it’s done that, I’ve found that watching YouTube videos are quite therapeutic. There’s something funny about that, I’m sure. It’s not just any random video, though, I follow a certain number of channels, and they’re very cheery and informative. I did this with some coffee-choco, since I haven’t had one for the last week because we didn’t have milk. And damn, stimulants really do help. I snuggled with Arya, got a few licks from the girls, and sure enough… the combination of all those things kept the funk at bay. Now I’m being productive and finishing this late post that was meant to be last Friday’s, but I wasn’t happy with it at all.

As I soaked in my boosted molecules, I remembered that there is such an overwhelming number of kind people in this world, and they hardly get the attention they deserve because the media gives more spotlight to the outrageous amount of shitty things simply because it is more striking for people. I don’t think that’s a bad thing since people do need to know these shitty things exist so that we can do something about them. However, too much of the shitty things just seem to desensitize people, conditioning them to think that things being shitty is normal and that’s the way it is and we just get used to them. Not realizing that this is how bad people get away with doing all their bad things.

Exhausting as it may be, it’s important that we pay attention to the bad things, and make sure that we do twice as many good things to counter them. They might not get the attention they deserve, but good things aren’t done for the attention. We do it because we are good people. It’s so easy to overlook us, and to forget the good that there is in the world. But as long as we keep doing good things, no matter how overwhelming the bad things are, we’ll be here anyway.

Happy Monday.

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