Open-minded = humane?

So my gratitude for has no bounds. Probably most writers would marry their thesauruses (thesauri?) if they could, but that’s beside the point. If you look up synonyms for “open-minded”, on of them is “humane”, and that is both hilarious and sad.

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For this post, I wanna talk about a Bill Nye interview. I dunno if you caught it, but he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson over at the ever-reliable and totally unbiased Fox News. If you haven’t seen the disaster that it is, here’s a link. Be warned, it’s not recommended for people with heart conditions and high blood pressure. Granted, I survived so you won’t die from it but, instead, get triggered. It’s infuriating af.

In the interview, Carlson asks science expert/enthusiast Bill Nye about climate change and the degree/extent/rate by which humans have actually affected it. The operative word being “ask”, but he doesn’t really care for the response because he interrupts Nye at literally every point and turn. I dunno if it’s my innate inability to focus, but interruptions and changes in plans just get on my nerves. Like right now, my glasses are just too fucking dirty even though I just cleaned it, my hands are exfoliating like there’s no tomorrow, my arm is itchy, and my face is too oily. All of that is taking too much of my focus, instead of me just thinking and typing. Nothing more annoying than this. His interruptions are in an effort to prove that there’s no way of knowing how the climate would be if humans have not contributed to its acceleration, except there is because there’s this thing called history, and also another thing called science. These things are based on evidence and proof, unlike whatever it is that fuels ignorant morons that deny the existence of climate change and global warming. I was under the impression that journalism also deals with evidence and proof, so when so-called “professional journalists” do the exact opposite of “professional” and “journalist”, I just… cannot. Carlson then insists that he’s asking these questions in an effort to learn about it, and somehow implies that intelligent conversation is based on asking questions but since he also thinks that asking questions is synonymous with denying scientifically proven things, I sincerely doubt that he’s a person who’s ever learned anything.

So, after not at all listening to Nye’s answers, at the “end” of the interview, Carlson declares “I’m open-minded, you are not!” and says they have run out of time. Nye has the opportunity for a closing statement and says “You guys are the mainstream media, and I can tell you why there are leaks. Because the President has created two factions in his administration. They don’t like each other so they leak; it’s not from the outside, it’s from the inside. Carry on, Mr. Carlson, I’m sure we will cross paths again.” to which Carlson laughs and says, “That’s a very ominous thing to say. I don’t know what it means, but come back anytime.”

*Sighs till calm* I dunno about you, but the patience that Bill Nye has to constantly “debate” with people such as Tucker Carlson must be as ever-expanding as space. Because if I had to deal with them as much as he does, I might have already murdered them all. Our friends at Fox News are always so competent, aren’t they? It’s much too easy to say, “have an open mind” than to actually do it. But honestly, that’s the barest, smallest thing one can do. It’s even tougher to ask people to respect others. Everyone loses their mind when asked to have respect for everyone not necessarily because they deserve to be respected, but because you are respectful. I had a tough time figuring it out myself, and there are days when I just throw caution to the wind. But it is very telling, isn’t it? People who remain, stubbornly, in their little bubbles, not giving a damn about anybody else’s lives, concerns, situations, and understandings, simply because it’s what’s convenient for them, are detrimental to respect. Whether they base their bubbles’ beliefs on religion, ideology, or experience, it doesn’t matter. Since they fail to put themselves into the shoes of others and yet judge so harshly based on their own morals, they then fail to have an open mind. If only people listened to understand as much as they did to respond, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Having an open mind is the basic step because once bias and ego are removed from the equation, there’s only understanding and comprehension left in the room. The goal is to see where they’re coming from, and not to stop them from coming at all. So I guess “humane” being a synonym of “open-minded” makes sense because it’s about giving equal opportunity for everyone to be heard.

At the end of the day, I appreciate that there are leaks. Because it’s in pursuit of freedom of information. And as much as there are those who believe that people should remain ignorant for their own good, good isn’t based on secrets. These things wouldn’t need to be hidden if they aren’t controversial or unethical. The only people who are against leaks are those that want to keep the truth from the people because it serves a convenient purpose for them. So when people like Bill Nye are out there declaring the truth and freely teaching us about these things, I suggest you pay attention. They’re usually the ones who know their shit, unlike people like Tucker Carlson who just talk for the sake of noise. And there’s more than enough pollution in this world already without adding his pile of bullshit. Happy humpday.

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