(Busy Bee.)

My lappy is like an eight-ball. But the decision still lies with my first click and my gut. For the last few weeks, I’ve just been overlooking writing and anything related to it, but today, at this moment, I want to write. I have no idea what it is, and I don’t think it’s writer’s block. It’s just… me.


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A sententious matter.

Eyyy, humpday! I was able to play Sims, finish a part of my online course, do a mini-work out, and run some errands today. Productive af 😛

No automatic alt text available.(from https://www.facebook.com/HuhsmileTheArtist/photos/a.141981552499840.19383.140476345983694/1494040703960578/?type=3 by @HuhsmileTheArtist // credits to the creator)
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AHHHHH. I told you I suck at making habits. The only constant habit I have is breaking habits, and for some reason, I’m not completely sad about it. Because I haven’t had an episode in at least two weeks. I could look at the glass half empty, but it’s just nicer to look at it half full. A downside is being completely unproductive. Also, wanting to play Sims every five minutes. Even whilst playing Sims. Help.

rain(photo is mine, and though it isn’t anything great, it’s still mine)

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Where we are.

It’s Monday and in the back of my mind, I knew I had to post for the blog. But right now, I’m sweating in considerably breathable clothes. It’s April, and summer in my darling tropical country. I always say I prefer summer over winter, but goodness knows I love spring the most. Joke’s on me, because in the Philippines, it’s just wet or dry. Sometimes both, which is the worst of them all.

“I will carry you here in my heart to remind me, that come what may…I know the way.” I will have Moana prints available at Anime Boston!(from and by http://daniellesylvan.tumblr.com/post/158911515858/i-will-carry-you-here-in-my-heart-to-remind-me  // this print is available from their Etsy store here https://www.etsy.com/listing/510076362/stingray-ocean-hair-poster-art-print please consider supporting them // credits to the creator)

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Just doing our jobs.

This week was half productive, half unproductive. There is no in-between. And I really must go back to regular posting, it’s no good to be lacking. Although I did mean to write for Wednesday, and wanted to post it yesterday, however, hump day knocked me out bad. Today, I had no excuse, and also I missed the blog. (Spends too much time trying to make a pic for the post, but comes up with shit, and ends up looking up cool ones again instead.)

(from http://caffeinatedcollegefreshie.tumblr.com/post/125353486373 // credits to the creator)

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