A sententious matter.

Eyyy, humpday! I was able to play Sims, finish a part of my online course, do a mini-work out, and run some errands today. Productive af 😛

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I had to rummage through my drawers for functional and fitting shorts because it’s summer and I refuse to wear pants in this weather just for an errand. I found a pair of overall shorts that I haven’t worn yet, which thankfully still fit me. I did not give a damn if people looked at me weird for wearing overalls, it’s hot (as in 34 degrees Celsius). But while I was out, there were at least three other girls in overalls (shorts and skirt) too! Praise summer! Praise comfort! Praise fashion!

If you weren’t aware, there was recently a Reproductive Health Law passed in the Philippines, I think a couple of years ago. But a short while after it was passed, the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order on it, due to complaints about contraceptives allegedly causing harm, and even death to men, women, and children (unborn and otherwise…?). Now, this is a common misconception, and adamant pro-lifers use it as an argument and as propaganda, claiming it’s proven by science.

That’s funny, because a lot of the world have a successful reproductive health program, and science also backs it up. So which science are we supposed to believe? #fakenews #alternativefacts ?

Now, no matter your belief, whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, religious or spiritual, or none of the above, here’s one thing you can’t deny. People, human beings, have the right to life, and they have the right to choose.

For pro-lifers, they argue that “life begins at fertilization” (whether or not there’s a heartbeat yet…?) and that unborn babies have a right to life. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but whatever it is, it’s a selfish argument. First of all, it is not their body, it is not their life, and it is not their decision. They cannot claim to know the best for each and every person that has ever borne a child. They will not be the ones to support the pregnancy, the birth, the growth, the development, the adulthood, and the life of that hypothetical person. You don’t need to look any further than orphanages, foster homes, and abused, refugee, homeless and hungry persons. Would every pro-life person have the conviction to proclaim that they support those that actually already do exist right at this moment, and are suffering needlessly?

I suppose that was much too far into the discussion and focused more on abortion concerns. Let’s backtrack and talk about birth control pills, injections, IUDs, and the like. Now, anything medical is bound to be expensive, that’s why one must do everything they can to prevent getting ill, most especially if they don’t have insurance and cannot afford it. Having a reproductive health program enforced by the government makes it easier for everyone to have access to these options. Not only have those, but having such a program also promoted better education and awareness about reproductive and sexual health. I don’t know about an instance when education and awareness was ever a bad thing. That’s why we also have a right to information, isn’t it?

Pills, injections, and IUDs also have an effect on hormones and can regulate a person’s menstruation. People who experience over-the-top symptoms during menstruation, such as unbearable and constant abdominal pain, vomiting, extreme headaches, hot flashes, etc., have these options to lessen these symptoms and be able to function enough during their periods.

So each and every time a pro-lifer shames a person, mostly women, for using birth control methods, or for getting an abortion, they limit the right to choice and their free will. Isn’t the purpose of democracy is so that each and every person is represented and may live their lives as they choose to do so? Then why is it still an incomprehensible concept to just give the people the option to reproductive health? At the very least, that’s what it is. An option. Just like gay marriage, it gives them an equal opportunity to have that choice. It literally does not affect people who aren’t gay and will not use contraception or undergo abortions.

That is why it’s a selfish argument because they use their beliefs, customs, and traditions to justify a matter that will hardly affect them should they not choose it. It’s not fair for those that want or need the program.

I personally don’t use contraceptives, because my menstrual period is pretty regular, and I’m not sexually active. However, I would like to one day have the option to do so when I can afford it, and start having sex but aren’t prepared to have a baby. And don’t even get me started on abstinence, because I have not made any promises, or ever plan to, to not have sex. I like Hailee Steinfeld’s song too much.

So next time you come across a dilemma and are presented with at least two options, please consider others as well, and not just yourself. Love is free. Happy humpday.

An Appeal to the Supreme Court to Lift the TRO Affecting Family Planning – please consider signing the petition to lift the temporary restraining order on contraceptives.

@HuhsmileTheArtist is a Filipino graphic artist, who constantly posts cool, witty comics. They were nice enough to let me feature their comic about the RH Law TRO to better promote our concerns about it. Visit their Facebook page linked above!

[sen-ten-shuh s]
1. characterized by or full of aphorisms, terse pithy sayings, or axioms
2. constantly using aphorisms, etc
3. tending to indulge in pompous moralizing

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