Pre-existing conditions.

Oy, this week was a doozy. Not necessarily for myself, but pretty much everyone in the world. How can information be so accessible and yet so underutilized? Knowing things is cool, okay? Educate thy selves. I implore you.

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This past week, social media in the Philippines blew up with another idiotic statement from one of our infamously moronic senators, claiming a woman who’d engaged (willingly or otherwise, maybe, it wasn’t clear. It was a comment said in passing, signifying the internalized misogyny and apparent patriarchy whose existence sexist people like to deny) in pre-marital sex, and resulting in pregnancy, as simply, “Na-ano lang.” There isn’t a direct translation to this because it’s more of a vague way of saying sullied or impure.

For those that might ask, “How is that sexist?” Mainly because if a man has sex, it’s great and awesome, but when a woman has sex, she’s a slut or a whore. Then again, women are sluts and whores in the eyes of assholes, regardless of her sexual activity. But that’s another thing for another day for another post.

My personal news feed just became a firing range for memes and reactions and articles about Sen. Tito Sotto’s previous controversies (namely the Pepsi Paloma case), and how single parenthood is the bravest, strongest achievement a person can make (to which I can wholeheartedly agree). I thought to address it myself, but since I actively try to avoid stupid things, because they can be triggering, and they won’t be paying for my medication anyway, I decided against it.

And there are several things I can say about people who only react on popular and sensational matters, but I will keep them to myself, or maybe just throw it away because it’s garbage I do not want to have anywhere near me.

Another stupid thing happened this past week, Gina Lopez, an outspoken activist for the environment, was rejected by the Commission on Appointments as Environment Secretary. I honestly cannot be bothered to find out why, because, for someone who is as passionate about the environment as Gina Lopez would be denied the position, it’s painfully obvious that it’s about mining investors and corporations being whiny babies. Although that’s insulting to babies who don’t know how to say what they need and therefore just moan and groan about their problems. Mining investors and corporations are more about greedy bastards being upended by someone who has good intentions for not just nature, but also for the people taken advantage of by these companies claiming that they’re pro-poor because they provide jobs for them. Like that’s all it’s about. How generous.

It’s exhausting to have to pay attention to all the horrific things that happen all day, every damn day in the world, so I’ve been tempering myself and only been half listening. But even then, I still see all of the shit and they are indeed shitty.

Much like the pile of trash that passed as a healthcare bill in US Congress. This was meant to be the primary focus of this post, because, after Tito Sotto and Gina Lopez, I just could not let this pass. But these, and so much more, are too relevant not to address. After all, while the Dump of Trump is happening to one of Earth’s super-power countries, people of my own country are a priority for me. But while we’re at it…

If you aren’t familiar with it, the term “pre-existing conditions” is a jargon for insurance companies. It stands for illnesses or diseases you have and are living with as you apply for an insurance company. Trump likes to brag that Obamacare’s policy of people not being discriminated against—due to gender and more expensive conditions being denied insurance because even the company, which literally exists so that you don’t have to pay an obscene amount of money to, I dunno, live, can’t afford it. Or something—did not work, and ended up being a pain for insurance companies to sustain.

So they’d repealed Obamacare so that insurance companies can pick and choose again. Not only that, but they’ve added new pre-existing conditions, that are mostly experienced by people who identify as women or female. All the while, denying that it’s not sexist. Or homophobic, because sex reassignment and transsexualism and “sexual deviation or disorder” is in it, and I don’t know how that would be harmful, or at least a matter for insurance that claims not to discriminate. Other pre-existing conditions are:

… AIDS/HIV, acid reflux, acne, ADD, addiction, Alzheimer’s/dementia, anemia, aneurysm, angioplasty, anorexia, anxiety, arrhythmia, arthritis, asthma, atrial fibrillation, autism, bariatric surgery, basal cell carcinoma, bipolar disorder, blood clot, breast cancer, bulimia, bypass surgery, celiac disease, cerebral aneurysm, cerebral embolism, cerebral palsy, cerebral thrombosis, cervical cancer, colon cancer, colon polyps, congestive heart failure, COPD, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, DMD, depression, diabetes, disabilities, Down syndrome, eating disorder, enlarged prostate, epilepsy, glaucoma, gout, heart disease, heart murmur, heartburn, hemophilia, hepatitis C, herpes, high cholesterol, hypertension, hysterectomy, kidney disease, kidney stones, kidney transplant, leukemia, lung cancer, lupus, lymphoma, mental health issues, migraines, MS, muscular dystrophy, narcolepsy, nasal polyps, obesity, OCD, organ transplant, osteoporosis, pacemaker, panic disorder, paralysis, paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy, restless leg syndrome, schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder, seizures, sickle cell disease, skin cancer, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, stent, stroke, thyroid issues, tooth disease, tuberculosis, ulcers.


Aside from new pre-existing conditions, that I personally cannot make sense of, they have reinstated “premiums” in which people with more expensive conditions should pay more than the normal rate. Here’s the thing. People get insurance so that when they get sick, and this isn’t just an illness related to their pre-existing condition, they would be able to pay for it. So for you to ramp up the fees before they even get sick, would it not be inconsequential? That being said, getting insurance isn’t a necessity. However, with how expensive medical aid and services are, especially in the US, it’s a substantial concern.

All of the matters mentioned above, as I see it, are methods of the rich and powerful to regain their foothold in a world that’s waking up more and more each day.

Sen. Sotto and his moronic misogyny should probably go back to school, or at least find a way to educate themselves about how he literally doesn’t have an excuse to be idiots. Or maybe subjected to death by stampede by single-parents, and maybe sexually abused people too. I’m okay with either of the two.

Mining, especially for oil, is not a necessity anymore since there are more advances and developments in renewable energy sources being done in this decade in the history of energy sources. That being said, minerals and elements that can only be acquired by mining are another matter entirely, and the argument remains that there are more sustainable ways to collect them. If there aren’t, someone with the means to fund mining should be able to fund research for more humane ways, shouldn’t they?

As for Trumpcare, whose non-official website crashed three times when I was researching and Trump’s official website unable to display his health care policies*, I beg you. Don’t be stupid, open your eyes. Amendments are in favor of insurance companies, a majority of which are private and definitely have self-interest. And Trump himself has said that their next target is tax reform. I highly doubt it’s going to be in favor of the people, either. No matter your anti-Hillary concerns, Trump’s definition of “great” is undeniably not for the people, but for businessmen, like him.

That is about as much as I can stomach with the world’s poop. And that was just this past week. We have such a long way to go.


Trump’s healthcare bill allows effects of rape to be deemed pre-existing conditions
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