The world in 2017. (21 on 18, part 2)

Fast forward to 2017, (ironic how nowadays Thursdays are for throwbacks) the world is better and worse and everything in between. Shall we count the ways? // credits to the creator)

There are days when it’s a struggle to remember or even come up with a reason why life is worth living. At the end of the day, we’re all going to die. But before that, we have to go to work to earn money to be able to buy food, clothes, to pay for bills, to save up more money for when we get old so that we can buy food, clothes, to pay for bills, and to be prepared for emergencies and accidents, etc.

Now millennials like myself are notorious for wanting experience rather than material things, which is good because excess consumerism is bad for the world, and so we give others who lack the capacity to understand the impression that we’re wasteful and unprepared and immature and then they blame us for the economy, for which I still have no comprehension, failing and their traditional values, which entail people going to hell because of the people they choose to love, dying. But to speak from personal experience, though admittedly lacking, these ideals, matters, and beliefs are the bare minimum and rough estimate and general perspective of it all. Because speaking as a millennial who’s always been able to see much more than most people, who’s not entirely social, who’s never been ambitious, who’s always preferred the company of animals to humans, who’s more creative than analytical, who suffers from anxiety and depression, it is such an unfair view of the world.

It is so insanely easy to look at the good and positive things in life; to post pictures of trips and hikes and dinners and vacations, to share quotes and verses and poems about peace and love and faith, to feel sorry for those less fortunate than you, to go to dog or cat cafes but not even consider adopting them because you only like them for pictures, not for life, to ignore the blatant cruelty, hate, and discrimination that isn’t at all hidden, but pick and choose what’s convenient for you to fight for.

You’re not blind, but you don’t see. You’re not deaf, but you choose not to hear. You have a heart, but you refuse to feel. You are privileged, but you are selfish. You’re #blessed, but everybody else isn’t.

It is infinitely difficult to keep moving forward when you’re surrounded by people who are infinitely apathetic. It doesn’t get any easier. But somehow, someway, one must convince oneself to go on because suicide is not only frowned upon, but also unacceptable. One must only focus on the good things, so much so that they end up staying there and risk becoming ignorant. The road to justice and goodness is hard and rough. It is a road not often travelled. Those that endeavor to often fail, and instead of being known for their bravery and strength when they fall, they are known for cowardice and weakness for taking the “easy way out” as if it ever was easy.

It’s easy to ask “are you okay?” and say “I’m here for you.” But when the time comes w, you don’t listen and you don’t understand and you don’t stay. So please, don’t mind me. My cause is not about me, and it’s not what I want to beg notice to. Feel free to ignore my plights and self-portraits. But please. Please. Please. Look around you. Look at how broken humanity its. Please. Pay attention. This world, this life, is so much bigger than you. And as much as experience is invaluable, this earth, too, is irreplaceable. The lives that are lost every day and the time misspent can never be reclaimed.

This is not an agenda. This is not a cry for help. This is a wake-up call. Think of nothing else. Be kind, be generous, be compassionate, be open, be welcoming, be loving, and be free.

Happy 21 years to me.

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