No, it doesn’t mean Most Valuable Player. It stands for Mitral Valve Prolapse, a heart condition where a heart valve doesn’t close properly, but remains ajar, when the heart beats. It’s a pretty common condition, since it can be hereditary. In my case, it was contracted from a childhood of throat infections that weren’t treated well. Apparently, however, anything that suggests you’re not a perfectly fit human being also means you aren’t fit for employment, no matter how good you may be at the work.

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Pride Month 2017.

It’s Pride Month! Greetings, congratulations, and cheers to all LGBTQIA+ peeps I don’t actually know how to greet people on their commemorative days/weeks/month! Happy Pride Month! And yes, I did mean to post this on a humpday, hehehe.

(from // credits to the creator // I especially love the pun and the cats and the colors. I like all of it.)
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