The things I have tried and tried to fight.


Façades and masks,

For they show the person you are for society

But not the person you are or should be.


Caves and shades,

They may be comfortable and safe,

Yet hide you from the sunlight and day.


Scars and bruises,

Which I shouldn’t fear,

They are lessons to learn from and hold dear.


Intense scrutiny,

Look too hard and miss the big picture,

Barely look at all and what do you even see?


Material and immaterial,

All the best things in life are free,

But creation has a certain goodness and beauty.


Unfinished business,

Though not without fear and hesitation,

One must have the courage of their convictions.


This was an attempt at poetry. I’ve always sucked at it. Happy Friday.

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No, it doesn’t mean Most Valuable Player. It stands for Mitral Valve Prolapse, a heart condition where a heart valve doesn’t close properly, but remains ajar, when the heart beats. It’s a pretty common condition, since it can be hereditary. In my case, it was contracted from a childhood of throat infections that weren’t treated well. Apparently, however, anything that suggests you’re not a perfectly fit human being also means you aren’t fit for employment, no matter how good you may be at the work.

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Pride Month 2017.

It’s Pride Month! Greetings, congratulations, and cheers to all LGBTQIA+ peeps I don’t actually know how to greet people on their commemorative days/weeks/month! Happy Pride Month! And yes, I did mean to post this on a humpday, hehehe.

(from // credits to the creator // I especially love the pun and the cats and the colors. I like all of it.)
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