Antonym for cease; descend; recede.

I made my family disappear.

I’m home alone for the first time in a while, and it’s nice to have the silence for company. I do have to answer the door at least once today, for sure, but other than that I’m free to pretend that nobody’s home.

The movie of my childhood…(from // credits to the creator)
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Smelling the roses.

Hello! How are you? I’m doing just fine, thanks for asking. Thankfully episode-free for the last few days, or… I mean I didn’t take note if there were. There probably was at least one, but I’m pretty sick of being sick so I just try to move past it. Here’s me trying to move past it!

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Pace yourself.

My left shoulder is complaining, there’s at least two pimples growing on my nose, and web-based sites are slow. Yay, it’s try-to-be-productive-Mon-day! This is an attempt to set in stone a few goals for the next couple of months. Granted, this blog isn’t made of stone, but I am incredibly stubborn, and this serve as motivation for my everlasting need to be right.

to a friend

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