TMI Time: Menstruation.

Progress report: Had my exam, finished DA: I and Rise of the Tomb Raider, finally learned how to ride a bike properly (although I barely got away unscathed yesterday morning because people were being dumb), and slowly but damn surely improving my art. Pretty fucking accomplished right now! Next on the list is driving lessons and Spanish school. I really should get around to setting those up, but pesky phone calls are pesky. But among other things—and I forgot if I even mentioned it before—but I’m finally bleeding again!

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Nowhere to go but up.

I had a bit of a workout Tuesday morning, riding my bike laps up hills. My thighs didn’t hurt as much as they could, but that’s probably thanks to the smaller workouts I’ve done in the months previous. Sadly, I wasn’t able to part with my bed yesterday, and this morning was rainy. I’ll try again tonight, when there’s less cars and people, just because I really, really don’t like them. Yes, I do have plenty of time on my hands. I do try very hard to make it as productive as possible.

nowhere to go but up

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