Day of Protest.

Our internet is being hella slow this week, because apparently internet in the Philippines is one of the fastest in all of Asia, data caps aside. How about that. Good thing I’ve been distracted by school and reviews, otherwise I would have yelled at our network provider over the phone, and their customer service agents really don’t deserve that. It’s the Man being all greedy capitalist af. So let’s just not.

spanish notes.png

President Duterte declared yesterday was a National Day of Protest in accordance with the anniversary for President Marcos’ Martial Law declaration 45 years ago. To this day, we still mourn and remember the violations on human rights and the internment of several and various peoples, journalists, politicians, and civilians alike. It is heartbreaking to think that this happened barely half a century ago, and even despite the lack of Martial Law today, it still happens. Similarly, massacres, terrorist attacks, and a simple misinformation of our armed forces have reminded us of the pain and misery anyone can inflict upon anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is a tragic part of life.

It is too easy for the Filipino people to be traumatized at the mere mention of Martial Law, because of past events. However, we must keep in mind that cruelty and apathy is not synonymous with the situation. It is at the hands of misguided malcontents that choose to hurt and lie and cheat. Whether you support the current administration or not, one must applaud their effort to commemorate the hardships our people experienced decades ago in the most democratic way possible. Protest and celebrate your right to speech. Never take it for granted, especially since it was almost impossible to do so before, and even now in certain parts of the world. Although I do hope that you continue to know what you say, say what you mean, and only then can you mean what you say.

Aside from the right to speech, we also have the right to accurate information. As available as it may be in the age of the Internet, it’s also easy as hell to sensationalize, modify, dramatize, exaggerate, and simply fictionalize a piece to garner attention or to incite propaganda, from or to either side or any side. Pay attention, keep your eyes peeled, and question everything. It is better to be safe than sorry, but it is also worth it to contest than to be complacent. It is, in the least, improbable for anyone to know all of the ins and outs of government, and how to stop graft and corruption altogether. It rooted much too deeply in desperation and indigence, and in the worst of cases, envy and gluttony. The least we must all strive to achieve is to be kind. Not “be nice” or “be polite” or “be chivalrous” or “be gentlemanly or lady-like”. Be kind. It is a more challenging task, to be sure. But kindness stems from compassion and love. Those have never been easy, either. I think we are all the stronger for it.

Happy Friday (and Happy Birthday to Dad! He’s one of the best, for sure <3)

PS: I had penne pesto for breakfast. The pad is of shit I do not understand, but have to. I have to.
PPS: Spanish school is going great! Gonna review my lessons for the weekend, and study le vocabulary.

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