Mornings and Mondays?

Mornings and Mondays?

Starting this blog was as complicated as mornings and Mondays. What do I even write? Well, it will mostly be about personal life. I know. Boring, right? Here’s the fun part. I experience anxiety and depression. Probably not as badly as most people that do, but they still tend to be pretty bad. Now, note I said “experience”, not “suffer from”. It is a harrowing experience, but as cynical as I am, I try to be positive anyway.

The name of the blog comes from human observations that strongly suggest I have horrid mornings and Mondays. I know it’s a generally sucky experience for everyone, but believe me when I say mine have just been frustrating. Waking up is mostly okay, I have fluffy blankets and a Jack Skellington toy that ensures it. I take at least a minute or ten to fully wake up (that is, after having snoozed my alarm less than ten times), feeling cheerful. But then I go downstairs and shit goes to shit. It doesn’t normally last long, but it feels like it. And when you’re upset, it gets difficult not to be. Especially when people around you shrug off your upset-ness.

I don’t think the world acknowledges enough how important it is to have good mornings and Mondays. They are at the start of everything, and I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, first impressions last. A bad start usually ends up ruining everything. We try to set our sails straight, but if it’s a typhoon, you might just drown. Thankfully, it’s never been that bad.

Now, enough metaphors.

This blog is an attempt at being a functioning member of society. It’s not exactly a diary of sorts, but it will contain my musings. There will be drama, comedy, and suspense. Are you watching closely?