No, it doesn’t mean Most Valuable Player. It stands for Mitral Valve Prolapse, a heart condition where a heart valve doesn’t close properly, but remains ajar, when the heart beats. It’s a pretty common condition, since it can be hereditary. In my case, it was contracted from a childhood of throat infections that weren’t treated well. Apparently, however, anything that suggests you’re not a perfectly fit human being also means you aren’t fit for employment, no matter how good you may be at the work.

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Pride Month 2017.

It’s Pride Month! Greetings, congratulations, and cheers to all LGBTQIA+ peeps I don’t actually know how to greet people on their commemorative days/weeks/month! Happy Pride Month! And yes, I did mean to post this on a humpday, hehehe.

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Why can’t our life choices be as obvious as the clichés in movies? Why do they have to pull the rug from underneath our feet, and why do we have to hit our heads on the ground when it happens? Today was an unexpected, not good day. First one in a while. But before I accidentally sunk my feet in the mud, I wanted to push through with today’s scheduled productivity, so of course, I have a blog post for today. Fair warning, there are spoilers below the line for Gifted. Trigger warning: suicide.

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