A Half-Year Later.

Several attempts at updating, and a thousand rolls and a half of the anxiety ball later, I am a year older. The bane of any writer’s existence is real life, and I don’t think anyone will bother to deny this. The moments when we aren’t writing, we want to be reading. Alas, one must eat, drink, sleep, and everything else in between. Existence is immensely tedious. Continue reading “A Half-Year Later.”


Hello, again.

I thought I’d take you with me this week and show you how uncomfortable I can be when I have to be out and about and exist like a normal person. I’ll give you a hint, it took a lot of coffee. Good coffee, which might actually be worth the trouble, but it was… a challenge.


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(Blank) like a girl.

It’s one of those days, all week, where I set three alarms, wake up for each one, but almost immediately fall deep asleep after hitting stop, fully intending to get up and start the day. I don’t know why they happen, they just do. It’s weird.

(from http://romeo-oh-nomeo.tumblr.com/post/163565046882/im-screaming // credits to the creator, who I think is @meme.queen.satan, but I can’t be sure)
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Day of Protest.

Our internet is being hella slow this week, because apparently internet in the Philippines is one of the fastest in all of Asia, data caps aside. How about that. Good thing I’ve been distracted by school and reviews, otherwise I would have yelled at our network provider over the phone, and their customer service agents really don’t deserve that. It’s the Man being all greedy capitalist af. So let’s just not.

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As easy as breathing.

For some reason, while I know I was quite productive today, having given the girls baths and accomplishing my Spanish homework, I can’t remember what it was I actually did today. I played a bit of DA: I, but that can’t have taken a third of my day, right? Maybe it did, because I can’t remember having done anything else. I do remember feeling so sleepy, I thought I was going to puke, which isn’t a sensation that people normally feel, I don’t think. It feels as if I’m on a downward slope after my bleeds, and it’s odd all around.

(from http://thegoldeneternity.tumblr.com/post/164564949608/here-you-are-is-a-collection-of-original // credits to Kathryn Solie of PersephoneCollective shop on Etsy, where you can purchase her book, Here You Are)
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